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Engine Parts and Repair in Clifton Springs, NY

You work hard to maintain your property. So does your equipment. Many of our machines utilize small engines to work and when these are used continually and vigorously, over time, they can wear out or develop small issues. Don’t worry, at BMF Equipment Solutions we have equipment specialists that are extremely knowledgeable in small engines and are ready to handle anything you may bring our way. 

Some examples of small engine repairs that we regularly encounter are:

  • Engine Overhaul 
  • Ignition testing and servicing 
  • Fuel system servicing and repair
  • Mower blade replacement or servicing
  • Power drive and Transmission systems inspection and repair 
  • Spark plug or component repairs or replacements 
  • Lube and oil changes 
  • General inspection, service, and repair requirements. 

What to Expect

When you arrive with your machinery, we will focus on troubleshooting, including testing, followed by diagnosis, and repair. We will fully include you in the process and make you aware of exactly what is going on with your machine every step of the way. We know how much you value these pieces of machinery and we want you to fully trust us with our extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Contact us today for any small engine servicing or repairs that you may need! 


Do you service pre-owned machines?

We do! If you have a machine that you didn’t buy here but love, let us help you service it and keep it in tip top condition! Our specialists love to help in any way they can and we are happy to help service and repair any machine that you may have.

Do you carry mower or other machinery parts as well?

We do. Part of our servicing is making sure that we stock parts for almost any make of mower. When you come in, we want to be ready to accommodate your needs and make sure that you leave feeling satisfied.

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