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New for 2022, the King of the Grass Ride-On KGZ-XD Blackout. Robert’s been dreaming this one up for a while now…and here are just a few advantages that take this mower to a class of its own:

  • 2800 RPM engine speed for instant maximum torque.
  • Rugged fusion welded reinforced tube frame
  • 16cc Parker HTG integrated hydros with no power-robbing reduction gears
  • 4 Tweels for smooth, flat-free performance and increased traction
  • 4 shocked front spring suspension with multi-adjustment
  • dual fuel tanks with 17 gallons of fuel capacity
  • 55+ pounds of torque, EFI, electronic governors, and electronic variable spark advance
  • oversized electric clutch to handle torque load
  • special Blackout super seat, adjustable with TecsPak® adjustable suspension under the seat
  • Vanguard® engine with Oil Guard System
  • New magnetic mower height adjustment pin

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61" Vanguard 40hp


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